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Autopilot System for Oblò

Turn your Oblò into a 2-axis autopilot system by connecting the Autopilot Control Unit (ACU) and roll / pitch digital servos. You can set the autopilot to hold the magnetic heading, the GPS tracking, the ALTITUDE or follow a GOTO or a GPS flight plane in NAV mode.

Autopilot system is composed by the following components:
- Flybox Oblò-A/P instrument
- Autopilot Control Unit (ACU)
- One or two digital servos for 1 or 2-axis controlling.

If you already have a standard Oblò instrument, you can upgrade it to the autopilot version by purchasing a software activation key (cod. 801020).

ACU - Autopilot Control Unit

The Autopilot Control Unit is the interface between Oblò instrument and servos, with fast and easy user controls: simply engage one of the three operating modes by pressing the corresponding pushbutton and rotate the knob to select the target altitude or heading/tracking.
A green power-on LED clearly indicates when the unit is operating; if the autopilot is currently engaged the pushbuttons corresponding to the operating mode are illuminated.

The three operating modes are:

  • HDG/TRK to hold magnetic heading or GPS tracking, depending on what you have currently selected in ECLIPSE.

  • NAV is used for horizontal navigation, tracking a host GPS flight plane or a GOTO.

  • ALT to hold altitude.

It also includes an automatic course reversal function, useful for example if you inadvertently enter in IMC conditions and need to immediately reverse direction.

For quick operations there are two separate knobs for target selection: one for heading/tracking and the other for the altitude.

The ACU is available in a vertical version (picture on the left) or in a horizontal version (picture below).

This digital servo has been designed to have maximum reliability and safety. It is made from solid aluminium with hardened steel gears. When not engaged it has no residual torque and when engaged it’s reversible so the
maximum safety is guaranteed: the pilot can override the servo at any moment to take the control of the airplane. The microprocessor monitors motor current, temperature and other parameters and it disconnects the servo if something is out of the normal operational condition.

  • Specifications:
- Max dimensions: 113 x 97 x h65 mm
- Weight: 760g
- Maximum torque: 67 in-lb (7.5Nm).
- Mounting accessories are included in the kit

Cod. 801010 Oblò-A/P - Oblò with autopilot function included - 1378.00 (exc. VAT)

Cod. 801020 Autopilot software activation key for standard Oblò - 199.00 (exc. VAT)

Cod. 701050 ACU Autopilot Control Unit-vertical version - 350.00 (exc. VAT)

Cod. 701051 ACU Autopilot Control Unit-horizontal version - 350.00 (exc. VAT)

Cod. 701061 Flybox digital servo 1 pc. - 849.00 (exc. VAT)

The units are sold for experimental aircraft only and are not certified devices.

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