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Omnia57 VOLT-AMP
Price: 273,00 €
(Price exc.Vat)
Omnia57 VOLT-AMP
Cod. 105760

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Omnia57 VOLT-AMP is a Volt Meter, a double AMP meter and a safety instrument that diagnosis the state of the electrical power.
The instrument is fully customizable to fit almost any electrical systems.
The Omnia57 VOLT-AMP can be useful especially with injected engines that need a full time operation of the fuel pump when they are working. The system can alert on time in case of anomalies, enabling the pilot to react promptly.
All the components of the Omnia57 family are equipped with a state-of-the-art, highly visible display, a powerful 32 bit microcontroller and the latest generation of solid state sensors and components to ensure reliability and accuracy over time.
Up to 16 Omnia57 family instruments can be connected in cluster to form a communication network, making some data exchange operations simpler.
Volt Meter, double Amp Meter and diagnostic mode are enabled
In the picture the battery current is shown
Volt Meter, double Amp Meter and diagnostic mode are enabled
In the picture the loads current is shown
Volt Meter and battery current are enabled

Volt Meter and loads current are enabled
Diagnostic mode is enabled and the "CHECK" label is flashing because the voltage has dropped to 12.2V and only the battery is supplying current to the loads
Main features
Included gauges:
  • 1 Volt Meter
  • 1 Battery current
  • 1 Loads current
  • Knob with pushbutton
  • 2 CAN bus
  • Light Sensor input
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Can be connected in cluster with other Omnia57 instruments
  • Rugged case milled from solid aluminium
  • Powder-painted
  • 100% manufactured and tested with automatic processes
  • Visual Alarm on screen
  • Transistor Alarm output
  • Electrical system diagnostics
  • Manual or Automatic Backlight dimmer
  • Easy software updating through the USB port

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