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Vigilus HELI / GYRO
Starting from 1190 €
(Price exc.Vat)
Vigilus AERO

See optionals from Hardware tab below.
VIGILUS is the instrument that allows, combined with the remote module, a complete management of the engine parameters and on board fuel. It can be installed in a 3-1/8” (80mm) standard hole.
All the available data are divided into more pages, with graphical interface designed for maximum readability.
It is customizable for many types of engines and fully configurable in terms of alarms and audio alerts, that are activated as soon as a parameter exceeds the minimum or maximum limit set.
Vigilus is structured to have five different screens and through the functions menu is possible to visualize a graphic datalogger, as shown below.

Engine and Rotor informations: Rotor RPM, Engine RPM, MAP, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature, EGT, CHT, Fuel Pressure, Fuel Level, OAT, CAT, Flight Time
Flight Timer: Local Time (UTC corrected), Flight Time, Chronometer, Volt, Ampere
Fuel management: 3 capacitive or resistive televel input, optional Fuel Computer (will require a software key) with Flow Meter, Endurance, Remaining, Burmed, Range and Q.ty to destination (require GPS connection)
Hour meters: Total accumulated time by the engine, time run in green-yellow-red zone, last flight time, max engine peak reached in the last flight, max peak reached ever by the engine, max peak reached ever by the Rotor
Video: Up to 3 composite Video input
Datalogger: a 200 hours capable memory stores all the informations provided by Vigilus divided for each flight. Data are easy to scroll and analyze with a graphic viewer and download with a usb key
Vigilus is available for:

- Engines with carburator.
- Rotax Engines with injection.

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