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CS - Carburator Synchronizer

CS - Carburator Synchronizer
Cod. 307000

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CS  is a carburetor synchronizer useful for installer or anyone that needs  to perform the carburetors balancing procedure. On the two display it  shows left and right carburetors pressure in inches of mercury (InHg).  The digital readout allows a greater precision adjustment respect to  classic analog instruments.
Main features:
  • Two wide 4-digit LCD display
  • Inches of mercury (In. Hg.) indications
Technical specifications:
    • Physical dimensions: L134 x W129 x H61 mm
    • Power supply cable: 2 meters long with cigar lighter plug
    • Connections through rubber tubes on back of the instrument
    • Solid-state pressure sensors
    • Operating temperature range: -20~+70°C
    • Supply voltage: 10~30 V=
    • Supply current: 40 mA
    • Pressure range: 10~60 In.Hg
    • Resolution: 0.1 In.Hg
    • Accuracy: 1.5 %
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