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The datalogger is a useful data recording tool that permits later viewing in both graphical or numerical representation. It also allows the download of the data in a SD card.
It can be used in many situations, such for example:

 - Keep an engine "history".
 - Use it as a "black box" to analyze in detail all the parameters.
 - The aircraft manufacturers can use it in developing new aircraft, for performance verification, for flight envelope checking or to collect data for certifications.
 -Take-off performance analysis.
 -Climb performance analysis.
 -Stall speed check.
 -Stability analysis.
 -Check changes in performance following a change in aerodynamics.

Each parameter measured by ECLIPSE is stored at 1 second time interval for a total of 12 hours of data sampling.
The download to SD function allow to use the recorded data in a personal computer, for analysis and visualization in a spreadsheet software (eg Excel).

Eclipse also export GPS data for easy viewing of the trip on a personal computer with Google Earth software installed

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