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Flybox Connect
A smart way to connect HORIZON, your Portable Glass Cockpit to our autopilots:

Flybox Connect
The system simply connects our autopilot to HORIZON APP via Wi-Fi and allows real-time navigation

Available from Google Play Store.
Download it from here.
Now available on the Apple Store
See how it works with Horizon
Once a Wi-Fi connection is established, "direct to" or "flight plans" are automatically followed by the autopilot.
Just as every change of the flight plan is made on the mobile device, this is automatically transmitted to the autopilot in real time.
The components needed to use Horizon with our autopilots are:
  • Horizon APP (you can buy it from Helios Avionics)
  • autopilot system based on Oblò2 A/P + ACU + FX75 servo/s (buy from Flybox Avionics)
  • a connection with an existing panel GPS or in the absence of this, our optional Oblò GPS Receiver
Installing free Flybox Connect APP is optional as it will only work as a launcher for Horizon APP
With Flybox Connect you can also send SkyDemon, RunwayHD and Enroute Flight Navigation flight plans to our autopilots:
See how it works with Enroute Flight Navigation, RunwayHD and SkyDemon
Once a Wi-Fi connection between Flybox Connect APP and the autopilot is established, simply by saving the flight plan, this will be sent to the autopilot.
The components needed to use SkyDemon, RunwayHD or Enroute Flight Navigation with our autopilots are:
Installing the free Flybox Connect APP is required. Flybox Connect APP is available for Android and for iOS soon
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