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AV1 Multifunction Digital Altimeter Variometer
Price: 479 €
(Price exc.Vat)
AV1 Altimeter/Variometer
Cod. 201000
AV1 display a number of functions related to the vertical conduct of the plane: the altimeter section, with clearly visible wide digital indications, the variometer section, with both digital and graphical indications and many other pressure related indications.
AV1 is completely user-configurable (units of measure, variometer scale, etc...), can automatically set the QNH of the airport reading the data from a database which can store up to 800 airports list and can record and show the graphical altimetric profile of the flight.
Main screen with digital altimeter indication, digital and graphical variometer indications and barometric reference.
The units of measure can be set in feets or meters for the altimeter, feet/min or meters/sec for the variometer and inches of mercury or milliBar/hPa for the pressure.
The altimetric flight profile recorder can acquire the altitude data at user-configurable time steps (from 1 to 60 sec).
After the flight it's possible to review all the graphic of altitude vs flight time.
The setup menu allows a complete customization according to the user preferences.
Select an airport from the list to automatically set elevation and actual QNH.
The airports list is user editable: you can cancel, modify or add new data to a maximum of 800 airports.
The ALTIMETER ALERT function allows you to set a vertical window defined by the LOWER and UPPER altitude. If the actual altitude exit from this limits the AV1 will show an alert message (CLIMB or DESCENT) activating also an audio alert (using the intercom audio output) and a visual alert (yellow led blinking).
Main features:
  • Wide LCD with backlight and coated glass
  • Digital altimeter
  • Digital variometer with both numerical and   graphical indications
  • Units settable in feet or meters
  • Barometric reference settable in inHg or   hPa
  • Graphical altimetric flight profile recorder
  • Quick select of QNH, QFE, QNE
  • Database of 800 airport elevations for   automatic QNH set
  • Altitude alert
  • Warning LED for altitude alert
  • Audio output for altitude alert
  • Solid-state pressure sensor
  • Upgradable software
  • Optional: mode C encoder output

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