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VIGILUS is the instrument that allows, combined with the remote module, a complete management of the engine parameters, on board fuel and much more.
The instrument is installed in a 3-1/8” (80mm) standard hole, while the remote module can be installed everywhere in the aircraft to facilitate the wiring connections with the probes.
All the available data are divided in more pages, with graphical interface designed for a good readability.
It is customizable for many types of engines and fully configurable in terms of alarms and audio alerts, that are activated as soon as a parameter exceeds the minimum or maximum limit set.

The instrument is foreseen for airplane, helicopter and gyrocopter.
Vigilus for AIRCRAFT
Vigilus for HELI / GYRO
The Remote Module is the interface that connects with all the engine sensors. Compact and lightweight too, it integrates the inputs for all the probes and checks the parameters more than 50 times per second.

Vigilus is available in special version for Edge Performance engines
Rotax EP
Yamaha EPeX
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