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FC1 Fuel Computer
Price: 381,00 €
(Price exc.Vat)
FC1 Fuel Computer
Cod. 502000

See optionals from Hardware tab below.
AV1 display a number of functions related to the vertical conduct of the plane: the altimeter section, with clearly visible wide digital indications, the variometer section, with both digital and graphical indications and many other pressure related indications.
AV1 is completely user-configurable (units of measure, variometer scale, etc...), can automatically set the QNH of the airport reading the data from a database which can store up to 800 airports list and can record and show the graphical altimetric profile of the flight.
Actual fuel consumption
Remaining fuel quantity
Fuel quantity burned from start
Time to empty (endurance) calculated from fuel remaining and fuel consumption informations.
It's updated instantly, so if you change the power settings you can instantly check the endurance change.

Display the range calculated from fuel remaining, fuel consumption and GPS ground speed data.
Display the estimate fuel remaining at  destination, calculated from actual fuel remaining, fuel consumption,  GPS ground speed and GPS destination data.
The destination is intended  as the approaching GPS waypoint (usually goto or flight plan GPS  functions enable this GPS information).
Main features:
Measure and display:
  • Fuel flow
  • Fuel remaining
  • Fuel used
  • Endurance (time to empty)
Connecting a GPS makes available:
  • Range
  • Fuel remaining at destination

  • Yellow LED for low fuel indication (Reserve)
  • Red LED for alarms indications
  • Intercom audio out
  • Units settable in liters/gallons and kilometers/miles
  • Automatic scroll between the six display indication, with the possibility to exclude unwanted indication.
  • Warning function for balancing fuel tanks
  • Autocalibration of flow transducer
  • LCD with backlight and coated glass

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