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Paid Support Service

Here you can find a description of what you can get by purchasing the support packages in case of need.
The service covers one or more of the following remote activities:

- Installation-configuration support
- Initial system configuration (first installation)
- Customization of products and systems
- Licences Activation
- Product firmware updates
- Technical Consulting
- Technical support
- Configuration changes on existing Flybox Avionics systems
- Fault analysis on Flybox products

Support enquiries with the necessary and sufficient information (data, photos etc.) can only be submitted by e-mail.
Each e-mail response will be given on a single subject.
Each e-mail corresponds to 1 "charged paid support service".
Support requests are answered within 3 working days on average, but not earlier 1 or 2 days.

Click on a code to buy the service and wait for our answer.
Code 001030 N° 4 charged paid support service - € 40,00 (exc. VAT)
Code 001060 N° 8 charged paid support service - € 70,00 (exc. VAT)
Code 001120 N° 16 charged paid support service - € 120,00 (exc. VAT)

After you have purchased a paid support package, you will receive by email the instructions how to contact us.
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