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EIS engine information systems
Our Engine Information Systems will allow you to have all your engine data under control in a single glance. Various optionals will take our instruments to the next step, allowing the pilot to enjoy the flight in the utmost comfort. Vocal and graphic alarms (partially settable to your preferences) will supply the information in the exact moment it is detected, to reduce the risk of distraction when flying in a critical situation.
Vigilus is the instrument that allows, combined with the remote module, a complete management of the engine parameters, on board fuel and much more.
The instrument is installed in a 3-1/8” (80mm) standard hole, while the remote module can be installed everywhere in the aircraft to facilitate the wiring connections with the probes.
All the available data are divided in more pages, with graphical interface designed for a good readability.
Starting from the experience and know-how given by the success of our EMS Vigilus, a new design was born. Initially designed only for rotary-wing aircraft, after great demand for a fixed-wing version, a new implemented solution was created: EngiMaster.
EngiMaster is a compact and streamlined EIS that can be mounted horizontally or vertically to suit all panels. It also fits in small cockpits thanks to its light weight and compact dimensions.
With its 4,3” screen, it can display, among other information, up to 6 EGTs and CHTs, providing the pilot all the crucial information he needs.
EngiMaster offers a wide range of optional features, displayed in 3 easily accessible screens.
Coming soon: My-EMS
Combined with the remote module, each EIS allows a complete management of the engine parameters, on board fuel and much more.
They are compatible with all the injected and naturally aspirated Rotax Engines, and can be interfaced with almost all the engines on the market.
The instruments are foreseen for airplane, helicopter and gyrocopter.
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