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Thanks to 40 years of experience in designing controllers for the industrial world, we have developed and produced many different types of controllers for aviation, always putting pilot safety and comfort as a priority.
The first semi-automatic version of the propeller controller, the PR1, patented since 2004, has made pilots around the world fall in love with it.
The second version, the PR1-P has been innovated and upgraded to meet the ever-increasing power consumption of new propellers.
Another version, the PRP-2 has been a completely new product in ultralight aviation because it is integrated in an aircraft-type lever, providing easier and more intuitive action by the pilot.

What we are launching on the market today is the APR1, our first fully automatic controller that makes the powertrain a single lever engine.

Our Flap Controller EFC-P uses the same technology as the propeller controller and is used by many aircraft manufacturers worldwide.
Our controllers are compatible with the vast majority of engines and propellers on the market today.
Moreover, they are equipped with a safety switch to bypass the electronics in the event of a fault, and this allows the electric motor to be operated manually with another switch included in the instrument.
(Single Lever Engine Concept)

Based on the experience gained over the years and thanks to our innovative spirit, we have designed and produced a fully automatic propeller controller: the APR1.
Whatever your aircraft configuration, engine and propeller, with APR1 you can make your powertrain a Single Lever Engine.
With high power output, compact construction and equipped with a very bright display and a fast 32-bit processor, the APR1 will allow you to enjoy your flights safely and comfortably, forgetting about propeller management.

Semi Automatic
The pilot manually set the RPM
during every phase of the flight
rotating the knob

The pilot manually set the RPM
during every phase of the flight
moving the lever
By selecting one of the four previously stored
positions, the EFC57-P will automatically
move the flaps to the exact position.
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